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Creating and implementing an effective enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy is critical to successful business operations in today’s business environment for both public and private organizations.  Effective ERM practice not only manages risks within defined tolerance levels but also aims to seize opportunities aligned with organizational strategy. ERM process focuses on identifying, prioritizing, monitoring, and proactively addressing risks and opportunities and it allows enterprises of varying sizes and types to protect and create value for their stakeholders. We work with public and private institutions to identify risks and help prioritize and optimize risk monitoring and mitigation efforts. Our ERM professionals partner with management to assess whether risks are considered across the enterprise, from the strategy-setting process to performance management.  Our capabilities include: 


  • ERM Capability Assessment & Roadmap

  • Risk Appetite Definition

  • ERM Policy Development

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment

  • End-to-End ERM Design & Implementation

  • ERM System Selection & Implementation

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