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Communicating the identity and future of your organization to employees and stakeholders, both internal and external, requires a strategic plan that provides clarity in the midst of complex issues. Strategic planning involves analysis to understand the environment and the market, determining your organization’s strategic direction, and developing practical action plans that facilitate implementation. YNJFederal consultants examine your business from every angle—people, structure, culture, and trends. We specialize in developing strategies for overcoming operational challenges, improving efficiencies, launching new services, creating ventures and adopting and deploying technologies. We believe strategic planning must be continually measured and adjusted to course-correct. Our capabilities include:

• Strategic Planning
• Strategy Development
• Business Case Development
• Performance Measurement
• Enterprise Business Architecture


Effective leaders must manage multiple mission objectives simultaneously. Our strategy consulting and change capabilities help clients define and balance their strategic objectives to achieve transformation agendas. YNJ Federal strategy and change management consulting expertise help agency leaders drive their agendas and advance their missions, all while managing risk. Our strategy consulting approach consists of facilitating a step-function change in operations and developing a strategic plan that includes near-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and objectives. Our strategy and change management consulting advice are based on rigorous market research tailored to the specific needs of each client, as well as a deep understanding of industry and government structures and dynamics. Our change management capabilities include: 

• Stakeholder Analysis and Management
• Change Readiness Assessment and Strategy
• Communications Strategy and Planning
• Training Strategy and Design
• Change Management Implementation and Monitoring


YNJ Federal believes that change is best managed by anticipating and preparing for impacts across your business. We customize improvement strategies across resources in order to deliver the most effective solutions to your business.Our approach is collaborative and always tailored to your organization's needs. Our process improvement capabilities include:

• Business Process Improvement and Implementation
• Business Process Reengineering
• New Process Development
• Cost Reduction Analysis
• Workflow Analysis
• Policy Development
• Best Practice Assessment
• Methodology Development



Whether transitioning from a career in military services or needing support services for inmate reentry / transition, YNJ Federal provides quality services and planning strategies that support its clients in their career transitions. We believe that every individual has the capability of being productive. We emphasize personalized planning, resource utilization, and industry best practices to maximize their chances of creating the best presentation of themselves as they begin their career change and job search. YNJ Federal has expertise in:

• Career and Skills Assessment
• Resume Creation
• Networking
• Job Search Strategy
• Interviewing
• Salary and Compensation Negotiations

Transitional Career Counseling
Management Consulting


Acquisition programs, when managed and executed well, play an important part in driving down the overall cost of business for federal missions. YNJ Federal can provide your agency or organization with the support your organization needs to define contract requirements, create a strong acquisition package to withstand a protest after award, answer contractor questions during the bidding process, and thoroughly evaluate proposals. Our proactive, insightful contract management approach eases the solicitation process for your organization. We can transform a complex set of requirements into a comprehensible RFP. YNJ Federal services do not end once the contract is awarded as we also provide contract management and administration through to closeout. Our capabilities include: 

• Acquisition Strategies

• Investment Planning

• Market Research

• IGCE Development

• Schedule Development

• SOW Development

• Technical Evaluations

• RFP Development

• Contract Administration

• Performance Management 

Acquisition Support


Creating and implementing an effective enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy is critical to successful business operations in today’s business environment for both public and private organizations.  Effective ERM practice not only manages risks within defined tolerance levels but also aims to seize opportunities aligned with organizational strategy. ERM process focuses on identifying, prioritizing, monitoring, and proactively addressing risks and opportunities and it allows enterprises of varying sizes and types to protect and create value for their stakeholders. We work with public and private institutions to identify risks and help prioritize and optimize risk monitoring and mitigation efforts. Our ERM professionals partner with management to assess whether risks are considered across the enterprise, from the strategy-setting process to performance management.  Our capabilities include: 

•    ERM Capability Assessment & Roadmap
•    Risk Appetite Definition
•    ERM Policy Development
•    Enterprise Risk Assessment
•    End-to-End ERM Design & Implementation
•    ERM System Selection & Implementation

Enterprise Risk Management
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